On the Holocaust- Yad Vashem podcast

On the Holocaust – a Yad Vashem Podcast

 Nazi atrocities, and the people who fought back. 'On the Holocaust' brings new perspectives, untold stories, and unknown heroes of the Holocaust, from the historians at The World Holocaust Remembrance Center.

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And the World Remained Silent: the Allies and the Holocaust- Part II

The allies were receiving accurate information about the murder of European Jewry at a very early stage. However, even though they formally denounced Nazi atrocities against the Jews in 1942, the "Final Solution" continued to unfold, largely uninterrupted. Why did allied leaders stand by as millions were being killed? In this episode of "On the Holocaust", Yad Vashem's podcast, Dr. David Silberklang will continue to explore the free world's response to the Holocaust.

And the World Remained Silent: the Allies and the Holocaust- Part I

How did the free world stand idly by during the Holocaust? This question is one that continues to echo today.For many years it was commonly thought that the "Final Solution" was shrouded in secrecy, as it was indeed planned to be by Nazi Germany. Yet Information regarding the mass murder of Jews in Europe began to reach the free world soon after these actions began. What did this information entail and how did it reach the "outside world"? In this episode Dr. David Silberklang will discuss these issues, as well as present the unique story of - Jan Karski who made it his mission to change that. He walked into Hell and back to tell the world what was happening to the Jewish people.

Women in Auschwitz

The Auschwitz concentration camp was one of the most horrific places ever conceived of by man--a place of constant torture. The experience was uniquely terrible for women, who were forced into some of the most unimaginable of circumstances. Even years later, the mothers who survived couldn't escape the memory.

The Wermacht

Germany's army during World War II was seen by many, on both sides of the conflict, to be politically "neutral". While the Nazi regime carried out the Holocaust, it was thought, the army was elsewhere, carrying out more traditional warfare. This was a fiction. The Wehrmacht were a Nazi army. So how did this fiction spread? And who had an interest in spreading it?

Operation Reinhard

Operation Reinhard was a Nazi plan to exterminate all of Poland’s Jewish population. It was methodically plotted, and marked the single deadliest phase in the entire Holocaust.

An Eye for an Eye

After the Holocaust, a group of young Jews decided to enact revenge on the Germans. They called themselves The Avengers. Their plan? An equivalent punishment.

Hall of Names

The Hall of Names at Yad Vashem is the world's most significant memorial for Holocaust victims. But gathering information on thousands of people killed so many years ago is not easy. Teams of dedicated historians and archivists work every day to find, gather and present information in a way that will properly honor those lost.

Jews Saving Jews

While so many were being kidnapped, held in captivity and killed, a group of free Jews in Europe were working to help their brothers and sisters. They called themselves "The Working Group." Their goal was to save as many people as possible. The odds were not in their favor.